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Frequently asked questions!

  • There is a small hole at the start of my knitting where I cast on the stitches?

    This is normal, just use the tail from where you cast on and a darning needle to sew up the hole and weave in the ends.

  • The stuffing shows through on my work?

    Try using a size down in your needles. So where we say use 3.75mm needles, try using 3.50mm instead.

  • Do I have to use the suggested yarn?

    No of course not, you can use any colour and weight to make your character your own! Just remember to make sure you use needles one or two sizes smaller than the yarn weight suggests.

  • What stuffing do you use?

    We try to buy toy stuffing from our local craft shop as we like to support local businesses. However, toy stuffing is available on many of the internet retailers.

  • Do I have to know how to knit in the round?

    Yes - these patterns all use the Magic Loop method, but it really is very easy to learn. Don’t let circular needles put you off!

  • Do I have to use the Magic Loop method?

    Whilst the Magic Loop method is our preferred method and what all our patterns refer to, it is just one way of knitting in the round, you could use double pointed needles.

  • Do you sell the finished knitted items?

    No, we do not currently offer the finished characters for sale.

  • Can I sell the finished items that I have made from the patterns?

    No, these are subject to copyright, so can not be made for sale for personal gain.